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i-PROGNOSIS is a multiscope project that its main objectives revolve around the development of new detection methods and interventions for Parkinson's, but, also, expand to the societal level. (more…)


From smartphones and fitness bands to smart connected everyday objects (Internet of Things) and serious games, i-PROGNOSIS will employ the latest technology to design its detection tests and interventions. (more…)

Data Privacy

i-PROGNOSIS will give special care to data privacy and security aspects, taking into consideration the latest EU regulations and national ethics committees. (more…)

11 Partners from 6 EU countries

Latest News

Innovation Pitches of AgeingFit (28-29 Jan. 2020)

i-PROGNOSIS has been selected to be presented during the Innovation Pitches of the commercial fair AgeingFit whose 4th edition will take place next 28-29 January 2020 in Nice, France! AgeingFit […]

“Le digital grand public pourrait permettre d’identifier davantage de personnes dites à risque” – Prof. Garraux, ambassadeur de i-PROGNOSIS en Belgique

Le professeur Gaëtan Garraux du Service de neurologie au CHU de Liège a soutenu le lancement d’i-PROGNOSIS en Belgique. Il est notre dernier ambassadeur du projet ! Dans cette interview, […]

“Everyday technologies could make it possible to identify more people at risk” – Prof Gaëtan Garraux, Belgian i-PROGNOSIS Ambassador

Prof. Gaëtan Garraux, from the Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Liège, supported the launch of iPrognosis in Belgium and is our latest ambassador! Learn more about his interest in […]