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i-PROGNOSIS is a multiscope project that its main objectives revolve around the development of new detection methods and interventions for Parkinson's, but, also, expand to the societal level. (more…)


From smartphones and fitness bands to smart connected everyday objects (Internet of Things) and serious games, i-PROGNOSIS will employ the latest technology to design its detection tests and interventions. (more…)

Data Privacy

i-PROGNOSIS will give special care to data privacy and security aspects, taking into consideration the latest EU regulations and national ethics committees. (more…)

11 Partners from 6 EU countries

Latest News

Smart app may help doctors diagnose Parkinson’s disease (ECHalliance, EN)

Keeping in mind the significant benefits of early detection, patients, doctors and engineers joined forces to find a solution in the EU-funded project i-PROGNOSIS. Coordinated by the Aristotle University of […]

Mobile app may help doctors diagnose parkinson’s disease (ICT&health, EN)

Researchers are making great strides towards early Parkinson’s detection with a new smart app. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a slow, progressive disorder of the central nervous system affecting between 7 […]

i-PROGNOSIS on Greek TV (ΕRΤ3 News, EL)

In the light of publishing the first results of the typing-pattern analysis for Parkinson’s disease symptoms detection, i-PROGNOSIS was featured in the Greek Public Broadcaster (ERT3) Evening News. Members of […]